Introduction about JCCAC in the past

JCCAC was an old factory long time ago, recent 10 to 20 years, government decided to move away all the factory where in the urban area. They did this because Hong Kong was rising up in the economic. If the factory still in this area, it will disturb the rise up of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Government don’t want to waste the using of this building. In 2008, it become a Art Village to let the people who are interested in art to exhibit their works to public.

This is a photo about JCCAC
JCCAC opened by Hong Kong Jockey Club        

Reuse of JCCAC nowadays

The old factory become a art village, it can start some classes which teach people doing some art such as ceramics or drawing. Also nowadays Hong Kong people interested in photographing, it also can start a photography class. There can also be an exhibition center too. At JCCAC,some artist will make their own design and put outside to let people to watch. For example,there will have a studio to teach people different thing. Also some people will set up an office and work at the studio too.In the art village, you can find lot of thing, this is a different way to improve people’s knowledge through art. This can let people know the old building can also use it meaningful